JOIN CLIPS® system for Schools and Daycare



6x challange cards
1x explanation card


9 x XL building boards
12x L building boards
3x M builing boards
6x S building boards
5x Challenge cards


10x Corner track part
6x Track parts
1x Starter block
5x Green Marbles
2x Challenge cards


8x Wheels (2x 4)
8x Twist clips (2x 4)
5x Challenge cards


200x Basic planks
50x 1/3 planks PRO
50x 2/3 planks PRO

*with educational construction / challange cards / *met educatieve (uitdaging)werk kaarten

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6x challange cards
1x A3 explanation card


9 x XL building boards
12x L building boards
3x M builing boards
6x S building boards
5x Challenge cards


30x Corner track parts
18x Track parts
3x Starter blocks
15x Green Marbles
2x Challenge cards


24x Wheels (2x 4)
24x Twist clips (2x 4)
5x Challenge cards


400x Basic planks
300x 1/3 planks PRO
300x 2/3 planks PRO

Introduction set / kennismaking set

The cleverly shaped JOIN CLIPS make it possible to connect wooden planks in almost every corner. Combine your favorite wooden planks with this educational set and experience the enormous expansion of possibilities. Build planes, animals, boats and bridges - it is now possible with JOIN CLIPS.

De slim gevormde JOIN CLIPS maken het mogelijk houten (bouw)plankjes in vrijwel elke hoek met elkaar te verbinden. Combineer met de favoriete houten plankjes, deze educatieve set en ervaar de enorme uitbreiding van mogelijkheden. Bouw vliegtuigen, dieren, boten en bruggen - het kan nu met JOIN CLIPS.

56 clips + 10 (bouw)plankjes

vanaf 4 jaar / age of 4

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EN - In collaboration with Heutink International, the educational version was born with JOIN CLIPS® under there brandname: educo®. All there products come in beautifully finished wooden boxes. They come with two sets, a Medium and a Large set.

(green) the JOIN CLIPS with 15 compartments and challange cards and big card with a world build with clips. (red) Big building boards, build quicker, faster and larger. Make your own dollhouses, cargarage, airport or farm, it is all possible. Than (blue&light blue) the Marble run, beuatiful product that can be change all the time, expand and make opstacles in your run with planks and clips. (orange &yellow) Wheels and twist clips, clips that can turn so you can build windmills or propellors, set things in motion. Wheels to make cars, trucks and everting what comes with wheels. We finisch with (green) building planks PRO. We call them PRO because there are three sizes. The usual size we all know (119 x 24 x 7,9 mm) and now the new sizes 1/3e and the 2/3e. Combine these three and build like a "PRO". The last box comes on ferm wheels with a wooden lid and in two vereasions; 300 or 1000! planks.

JOIN CLIPS® is suitable for children of the age of 4+ and can go up untill about the age of 14 and more.

The educational aspects of JOIN CLIPS® are:
* play freely, develop creativity, curiosity, fantasy and imagination
* thematic work
* educational in spatial awareness
* reproduction of examples or objects
* enrichment assignments (building in mirror image, making construction drawings)
* learn to think logically by building structures
* stimulates collaboration or competition

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JOIN CLIPS® is designed by
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