EN - In collaboration with HEUTINK International, JOIN CLIPS was born. A beautifully finished wooden box has been chosen with 15 storage compartments for the various JOIN CLIPS and a storage compartment in the middle for the 10 double-sided work cards. The box can be closed with a transparent sliding lid with the image of the clips. This way the clips can be neatly placed back in their place. JOIN CLIPS are very educational and educational for young children, but also older children or students will experience how educational and fun it is. Heutink's vision is; "THINK" - "DO" - "SHARE" which fits perfectly with the vision of JOIN CLIPS; "FUN" - "PROUD" - "PLAY"

Now we are taking it to a next level with three new epansion sets for the Basic set. To start with "Big building plates", build quicker, faster and larger. Make your own dollhouses, cargarage, airport or farm, it is all possible. Second "the Marble run", beuatiful product that can be change all the time, expand and make opstacles with planks and clips. End last "Wheels and twist" clips, clipt that can turn so they can build windmills or propellors. Wheels to make cars, trucks and evertrink what comes with wheels. We finisch with building planks pro. We call them PRO because there are three sizes. The usual size we all know and the new sizes 1/3e and the 2/3e. Combine these three and build like a "PRO". The last box comes on ferm wheels with a wooden lid and in two vereasion; 300 and 1000! planks

JOIN CLIPS is suitable for children of the age of 4+ and can go up untill about the age of 14.

The educational aspects of JOIN CLIPS are:
* play freely, develop creativity, curiosity, fantasy and imagination
* thematic work
* educational in spatial awareness
* reproduction of examples or objects
* enrichment assignments (building in mirror image, making construction drawings)
* learn to think logically by building structures
* stimulates collaboration or competition







Download challange cards:

comming soon - look for more inspiration on our website - enjoy playing!

JOIN CLIPS® is designed by
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