In collaboration with HEUTINK International, JOIN CLIPS was born. We have selected a beautifully finished wooden box with 15 storage compartments for various JOIN CLIPS, along with a central compartment for the 10 double-sided work cards. The box can be securely closed with a transparent sliding lid adorned with an image of the clips, allowing for neat organization. JOIN CLIPS offer valuable educational experiences for young children, as well as older children and students who will discover the educational and enjoyable aspects. Heutink's vision, "THINK" - "DO" - "SHARE", aligns perfectly with JOIN CLIPS' vision: "FUN" - "PROUD" - "PLAY".

Now, we are taking it to the next level with three new expansion sets for the Basic set. Firstly, the "Big Building Plates" set allows for quicker, faster, and larger constructions. Build your own dollhouses, garages, airports, or farms – the possibilities are endless. Secondly, the "Marble Run" offers a beautiful product that can be changed and expanded continuously, allowing for the creation of obstacles with planks and clips. Finally, the "Wheels and Twist Clips" set includes clips that can turn, allowing for the construction of windmills or propellers, as well as wheels for making cars, trucks, and anything else that moves on wheels.

We also introduce the Building Planks Pro, featuring three sizes – the standard size we all know, along with the new 1/3rd and 2/3rd sizes. Combine these three sizes to build like a "PRO". The final box comes on firm wheels with a wooden lid, available in two versions: 300 and 1000 planks.

JOIN CLIPS is suitable for children aged 4 and above, and can be enjoyed up until the age of about 14. The educational aspects of JOIN CLIPS include:

- Free play, fostering creativity, curiosity, fantasy, and imagination
- Thematic work
- Spatial awareness
- Reproduction of examples or objects
- Enrichment assignments, such as building in mirror image or creating construction drawings
- Logical thinking through structure building
- Encouragement of collaboration or competition.







Download challange cards:

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